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Care Instructions

All our products are made from the finest natural materials. Each piece is carefully dyed and woven for strength and durability. To make sure your product can be enjoyed for years to come, just follow these few suggestions:


  • Avoid direct and prolonged sunlight exposure and moisture.

  • To preserve the texture and color of cotton and linen products it is highly recommended to wash with pure natural soap.

  • Do not treat with stain products. If a stain occurs, we always recommend professional dry cleaning.

  • Wash small garments inside out in a fine-mesh net. Please make sure detergent or soap doesn’t come into direct contact with the dyed material. Dissolve in water first.

  • The best way to refresh your products is leave your products in a misty day in a covered outside place so that the humidity of the mist can clean the product of the dust and smell accumulated in the textile.  

  • Don’t  use bleach. Some household detergents contain bleach please check before use.

  • Dark colors may transfer to lighter colors, please wash dark colors separately.


  • Please be careful around acids, most of the dyes react to acid.

  • It is possible some of the dyes will change color when they come in contact with iron, or copper while wet.

  • Sweat stains can be removed by washing.


  • Dry clean or gently hand wash in cold water. 

  • Absorb any liquid spills with paper towels or a clean cloth. 

  • For removing stains or occasional cleaning, dry cleaning is the best option.

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