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Ericka Ileana Corona Martínez


Sales Director Mexico

Ericka, a professional Foreign Affairs Analyst, is a lover of traveling, nature, fashion, and other cultures. Proud of her heritage, she considers herself a good herald of her land, culture, and origins. 

Living in Baja California, Mexico and convinced of her role as an ambassador for the beauty of indigenous Latin-American art with a touch of elegance and avant-garde design, she works day to day to build a fair and collaborative exchange with all individuals involved in the making of each Moontlali piece. In doing so, she hopes to help reduce migration of our people to other countries, while at the same time sharing this history and culture with those living away from their country and who seek to reconnect with their heritage, and/or those who are lovers of fashion and of unique, culturally rich pieces.


María Monservat Aguilar Rodríguez


Sales Director USA

María has a been a voice for the Latin American culture in her community. By marrying her passion for fashion and her Mexican roots, Moontlali has been brought to life.

With a degree in International Commerce, she is a firm believer in just and fair trade, a core value of Moontlali.

A mother of two, María lives in Arkansas where she enjoys cycling and supporting local business.

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