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This black cropped blouse is decorated on the front and back with pink and beige geometric designs. It is totally handmade and its colors are very striking. This piece is crafted by artisans from Venustiano Carranza, Chiapas, México. It is created using a technique learned and passed down over multiple generations with a mechanical machine called backstrap loom. 


The fabric is lightweight, is made of Mexican cotton, and is extremely comfortable. This shirt will make you look spectacular for any time of year, it is a fresh Mexican huipil shirt. Carefully handwoven with 100% cotton, it takes three days to be completed. From start-to-finish it is created in a fair trade environment.


Huipil Crop Chuy

SKU: FOLK-0002
Color: White with multicolor embroidered
    • 100 % Mexican cotton 
    • Handmade by indigenous artisans from Venustiano Carranza, Chiapas
    • Technique: Backstrap loom and brocade 
    • Piece with fringe detail 
    • Color: Black with pink, gold and beige accents
    • Size: Large
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